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  • Extension & Day Trips

    It does sound very simple to pick a day trip to go with, but it turns out quite complicated since you have way too many choices of where to go. Let us figure out which one is the best option for you based on your travel style and hobby and find your own way of travel out of big cities and town.

    Sayabouly Elephant Trail (3D2N)

    Luang Prabang → Sayabouly → Elephant Conservation Center
    Connect with the Asian Elephant, one of Laos’ most incredible animals. With our "Sayabouly Elephant Trail" tour, you will spend two days immersed in...

    Shangri Lao Elephant Camp

    Luang Prabang
    Laos was once referred to as ‘The Land of a Million Elephants’ and today is a great chance to get up close with these...

    Bolaven Plateau Loop

    Pakse Town → Tad Lo → Tad Yuang → Tad Fane → Paksong → Ban Houay Houn
    Discover some of southern Laos’ most beautiful scenery with this full-day tour of the Bolaven Plateau. Explore the cascading waterfalls of Tad Lo and...

    Luang Prabang Hill Tribe Villages Tour

    Ban Hath Hient → Ban Na Tan → Ban Long Lan → Ban San Xang Khong
    Northern Laos is home to many ethnic minorities including Yuan, Hmong and Khmu. This one day trip takes us only a short distance from...