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  • The South

    Xe Pian Protected Area

    Southern Laos is exceptionally serene, capturing the imagination and hearts of every visitor, often enticing them to extend beyond their planned stay. The pristine well preserved landscapes found here are beyond the crowds and cynicism of its developing neighbors – travelers arriving in places such as Don Daeng are greeted with car-less streets, welcoming locals and few other tourists. Here fisherman sit weaving their nets, traditional homes on stilts provide shade for pigs and chickens and the rugged streets are yours to explore.

    Savannakhet has been described as southern Laos’s equivalent of Luang Prabang, its inhabitants living comfortably among architectural heirlooms handed down by the French. This border town is situated at the junction of two ancient trade routes and clearly displays evidence of other cultures, including Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese. Capitalizing on its location at the confluence of the Xe Don and the Mekong rivers, close to the fertile Bolaven Plateau, Pakse is Southern Lao’s largest city and an important market town.

    Xe Pian Protected Area

    4000 Islands

    Bolaven Plateau