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    A popular saying is: “The Vietnamese plant the rice; the Cambodians watch the rice; and the Lao listen to the rice grow”. This phrase sums up the laid back charm of these hospitable and friendly people perfectly. From the relaxed capital of Vientiane and tourist catchment of Vang Vieng down to Khammouane, Central Laos offers a wealth of engaging experiences that are often overlooked by many.

    Home to a diverse and expansive collection of National Bio-Diversity & Conservation Areas, this stunning region captivates every traveler from its golden stupas and laid back coffee culture to historical sites and natural parks hiding colossal caves and endangered species of wildlife.

    The beauty of the Mahaxai stone formations at the edge of the Khammouane Limestone National Bio-Diversity & Conservation Area near Thakhek are a sight to behold. Easily visited on a day-trip from Thakhek, these captivating limestone formations harbor labyrinthine tunnels and grottos.
While the largest of all Laos’s conservation areas, Nakai-Nam Theun to the northeast provides exceptional immersive experiences.


    Vientiane & Vang Vieng

    Vientiane Capital

    Bolikhamxay & Paksan

    Khammouane & Thakhek