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  • Xaysomboun

    • Located: about 230 kilometers north of the Vientiane Capital (Central Provinces)
    • Total area: 8,300 square kilometers
    • Population: 82,000
    • 5 Districts: Anouvong, Long Cheng, Tha Thom, Long San & Hom
    • Capital of the province: Anouvong

    It’s situated in the northern of Laos, bordered by Xiengkhuoang to the North, Vientiane to the South, Bolikhamxay to the West and Vientiane Province to the East.

    A total population of around 56,000; consisting of Khamu 19%, Hmong 55% and Laoloum 26%. In the province you will find a beautiful nature, agriculture field, Phou Bia Mountain (2,820 meters high), Chao Anouvong Cave, Tad Phouyathao Waterfall, Pha Hom Hot Spring and Longsan Waterfall.

    Xaysomboun is one of the country’s largest provinces, and its opening means that its famed rugged landscapes will now be accessible to visitors. Xaysomboun is home to the country’s highest peak, Phu Bia, which is 3,000 meters high and will be reachable for adventurous types who want to scale it and admire the incredible views from its summit.

    It also has an interesting site at its foot: Chao Anouvong Cave, the site of battles between Pathet Lao and royalist forces in the 1970s and a former hideout of the last monarch of Vientiane during the Laotian Rebellion of 1826-1829.