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  • Attapeu

    • Located: Southern of Laos (Southern Provinces)
    • Total area: 10,320 square kilometers
    • Population: 127,285
    • 05 Districts: Sammakhixay, Saysettha, Sanamxay, Sanxay & Phouvong
    • Capital of the province: Samakkhixay

    Nestled in a valley bordering Vietnam and Cambodia, you will love the raw wilderness of Attapeu province. Explore the hidden network of rivers and waterfalls. Trek through two of South East Asia’s last great, protected forests, Dong Ampham and Xe Pian. Much of this great natural land is untouched and pristine, home to hundreds of rare species of birds and animals.

    Visit the Ho Chi Minh Trail and see the remnants of a Russian surface-to-air missile and cluster bombs. Visit remote ethnic villages, survivors of the massive American bombing during the war. A proliferation of unexploded ordnance (UXO) still remains so travel with local guides is essential.

    Spend time with the local ethnic tribes including the Talieng, Ta Oy, Alak and Lavae peoples. Visit their villages to see traditional ways of life that have existed, unchanged, for hundreds of years. Witness the creation of their unique and diverse artefacts, such as the Talieng peoples’ weaving, bamboo baskets, bows and arrows and jewellery, and the ancient art of pottery making. Explore the animism and shamanism rituals of the Ta Oy, the woodworking of the Lavae, and the exquisite sin (traditional Lao skirt) weaving of the matriarchal Alak peoples.

    Wat Sakhae Temple
    The ancient temple of Attapeu, the sacred Buddha image of Ongsene is one of the holiest of relicts.

    Wat Pha Saysettha and Saysettha Stupa
    This old pagoda at Saysettha District was construction in 1577 and represents a crucial moment in Lane Xang history when King Saysetthathiral died near by. The great age of the stupa is evidenced by the original handmade bricks containing the rice grains.

    Nong Fnongfaa or Nong Kai Ork
    The source of the Xe Kaman River and is a 2-day walk from Sanxay District in the northeast of Attapeu. Situated amid serene natural beauty and fenced by peaks of mountains. This virgin lake has all year round sky blue water. The depth of the lake has is unknown.

    Tad Phaphong Waterfall
    Water under the mountain, colorful rocks running from Xe Xou River 6 km walk from the road (No.8B) or a 5 hour boat trip boat up stream from Saysettha District.

    Tad Saepha Waterfall
    In the Xe Pian River, within the Xe Pian National Protected Area 61 km from Samakkhixai District, 23 m high and 120 m wide.

    Tad Samongphak Waterfall
    Runs from Houai Samong to Xe Pian River, 10 meters height and 30 meters width. It is a 1 hour 45 minute boat trip up the Xe Pain river from Ban Mai (Sanamxay District). The second place can be reached by a 1 hour walk.

    Nonglom Lake
    3 kilometers form Samakkhixay District. It’s the best place for picnic.

    Ho Chi Minh Trail
    Memorian of war in Sanxay District close to Tadnampa Waterfall.

    Kavanghine Place
    The rock structure is thought to have been made in ancient times by people from the legendary Meuang Chueng. This is at Phouvong about 56 kilometers from Samakhixay District.

    Hoang Anh Attapeu Hotel

    Hoang Anh Attapeu Hotel

    For travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Attapeu, Hoang Anh Attapeu Hotel is the perfect choice. With its location just 1 km from the city center and 5 km from the airport, this 4-star hotel attracts numerous travelers each...
    Duc Loc Hotel

    Duc Loc Hotel

    Duc Loc Hotel is a Vietnamese run three-storey hotel at the very eastern end of town near the bridge. In the ground floor, there is a Vietnamese restaurant. The rooms have tile floor, wood panelling courtesy of Attapeu’s forests, high ceilings, windows, fan and air-con, table...
    Siamphone Guesthouse

    Siamphone Guesthouse

    Siamphone Guesthouse is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in Attapeu. Offering a variety of facilities and services, the hotel provides all you need for a good night's sleep. Take advantage of the hotel's luggage storage, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park,...